Number FIVE is due to arrive!

Five children. I will soon have five children. I can’t believe it; I am so excited! (and nervous, and Oh My Goodness how am I going to manage….FIVE.) Our other four are boys. In this house of lots of testosterone (well, it’ll be more when they get a little older), we are soooo ready for a cute little GIRL. And she’s coming in August.

This was the first time I found out the gender of the baby ahead of time. We were of the school of thought, “there are so few genuine surprises in life, let’s really experience this one.” So we did. Again, and again. And they always came out with that darned little dangling thing! So, this time, I didn’t want a surprise. At least not another boy kind of surprise. So, we found out that’s it’s all sugar and spice and everything nice this time. I can’t wait to dress her up in all that frilly stuff!

Some think we’re a little crazy to have so many. Are we? I am an only child, and was always lonely. I always pictured a full dining table with lots of noisy little people, all being part of my family. We’re getting there. We also believe that children are a blessing, and I certainly have been blessed to be so fertile…so many people long to have children, and all I have to do is blink (well, not really) to get pregnant. I love that my kids always have someone to play with and learn with, and that we all get to have so many relationships.

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