Swine Flu Cases Overestimated?

I have read many people’s testimonies stating that, in their area, their doctors have been told to assume that any flu-like sickness is in fact H1N1(known as “Swine Flu”). That H1N1 testing has been suspended due to high cost, and that with the cost being high, it would be a waste to do such testing since it’s probably H1N1 anyway.

Something’s not right about that.

Below is a clip from CBS. It’s an investigative report on the number of cases being reported.

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According to the CBS News study, when you come down with chills, fever, cough, runny nose, malaise and all those other “flu-like” symptoms, the illness is likely caused by influenza at most 17 percent of the time and as little as 3 percent! The other 83 to 97 percent of the time it’s caused by other viruses or bacteria.

(Image from CBS News)

Where is the CDC Getting Their Data?

Why Is the CDC Purposely Misinforming the Public?

More information on this here.

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