Sick And Tired of Feeling Sick And Tired

No, I don’t get as much sleep as my body wants (although I am SO thankful that my baby sleeps through the night after some training her to do it). No, I don’t get much “real” exercise (unless you count chasing after little ones, carrying them and going up and down and up and down stairs all day). I wish I had the time to do better with those things. I’m sure I’d feel better if I did.

The one major impact on my health (and the health of my family, of course) that I can really influence without trying to find more time in the day is DIET.

Why is it so hard to eat right? Well, for many, it’s due to lack of knowledge. We are poorly educated about what we should eat. All we know is from how we were raised. I grew up eating meat of some kind for dinner almost every night. Once I was grown, I continued that habit; the meal just didn’t seem complete without it.

It was only in Chiropractic School that I learned to think much more logically about the body and how it works. To respect it as the marvelous machine that it is, and to trust its ability to heal and function properly, given the right conditions. I’ve continued to learn more since then.

One of the main things I’ve learned is that most, if not all, illness or sickness results from a toxic environment inside the body. Translation: there’s garbage in there. How it got in there is a topic for another day. Just trust me. The garbage needs to come out. And your body knows how to get it out, all on its own. Your body knows how to heal its sick cells, all on its own. It only needs you to not interfere.

One of the biggest way that we interfere with our body’s ability to heal is by taking the energy that it wants to use on that healing and forcing it to use it for something else. Like handling whatever we decide to put in (translation: food). Did you know that ONE THIRD of your body’s energy is used for digestion? Can you imagine if you were able to use that energy to heal instead?

The best way to enable your body to heal or detox thoroughly is by fasting. Dr. Jeff Hazim, a good friend of mine, has an excellent teaching on this. It is a free 1 hour video available at I highly recommend it.

But, fasting isn’t always practical.

There is something else you can do, not as good, but still excellent. Eat Live Foods (raw).

Imagine your body like a furnace, needing to burn something for fuel. You put the food in, light it, it burns, you go. But it needs to be dry. It needs to be chopped up. It needs kindling, it needs to be lit, maybe lighter fluid, fanned….you get the picture. If you put in a piece of meat or even cooked whole grains, your body needs to supply the necessary help to light it.

BUT….if you put in a LIVE piece of fruit, vegetable, nut, seed, etc, it’s like an all in one package. Those live enzymes contained in the live food have all you need-the starter fluid, the kindling, the lit match, everything. Your body gains without needing to spend.

Some people opt for an all raw food lifestyle. I believe this is the most healthful, but I am just not there yet. However, when I or any of my family members are not feeling well, we do eat only raw for a day or 2 or as long as we need to. It really does wonders.

Our 3 year old has been exhibiting symptoms indicating something going on in his body. We have decided that he needs to detox and are going to feed him an all raw diet for at least a few weeks. Today is day 3.

I’ve been looking around for raw food recipes. I came across this for granola. I am looking forward to trying this, since I always make granola for Saturday morning breakfast, and I didn’t know what I was going to make this week. I’m also going to start soaking my almonds before making the milk. They are much more nutritious after they’ve begun the sprouting process.

I’ll let you know how it goes. New challenges, new challenges. I must say I’m a little glad that I’m doing this for our little guy, because it’s forcing us to all eat more live foods. Something I’ve known that we’ve needed for a while, but just haven’t been finding the “extra” time needed to make that salad. So we’re all benefitting.
What’s something you can do this week to increase your live food consumption?

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