Menu Plan Monday- May 17

I can’t believe it’s Monday again. Time flies, as you well know. I’m glad I’ve made this commitment to post my menu plan, because otherwise I might not make one. And that would be bad. Here goes:

Monday-Spinach and chickpeas, rice, labana cheese & pita.

Tuesday-Spaghetti with chunky tomato sauce (make double sauce to freeze for future use), Breadsticks, salad.

Wednesday-Creamy Carrot Soup (extra to freeze), salad

Thursday-Veggie & Tuna noodle casserole (make an extra to freeze), steamed veggie.

Friday- not sure. Probably fish of some kind, steamed veg, challah, Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk cookies.

Saturday- Leftover carrot soup

Sunday-Burgers & Fries, coleslaw

To see lots of other menu plans, go to

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