Give a Home Haircut – Frugal Friday

Before you say “NO WAY”, just hear me out.

It’s not THAT hard.

OK, it’s a little hard, but not really. If you’ve never done it before, learn a few tips, and then you learn by practicing. And here’s where little kids come in handy. They don’t really care if it’s not quite right.

I have given all of my boys all of their haircuts since they were babies. I started learning on the first one, and got better with time. Now, I have four whose hair I cut every 2 months or so.

Here’s what I do:

  • Sit child wearing bib or apron on top of table, at corner (so I can stand on the side)
  • Play video in front of child. This helps him sit still and not try to watch what you are doing.
  • Spray hair with warm water. Using a fine tooth comb, hold a section of hair up between your second & third fingers. Cut desired length.
  • Repeat, cutting section adjacent to already cut section. This is how you make sure it’s the same length.
  • On the top of the head, make sure you go front to back, and on the sides and back of the head go up to down. Otherwise you end up with stripes. (ask me how I know).

I’m sure there are some video tutorials on YouTube; at the time of this post I didn’t have time to look for one. But I will add one later on if I find a good one.

I had NO previous experience. Really. And I make a few mistakes now and then, but not too bad. Honestly, it’s not that hard. I think the hardest part is to be willing to do it, to believe that you can, and to not be afraid.

It grows back. 🙂

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2 Replies to “Give a Home Haircut – Frugal Friday”

  1. We do home haircuts for the children here, too. I'm trying to work up my courage to cut my husband's hair as well. It's one thing for a child's hair to be a little "off", but something completely different for a grown-up! Still, he needs one badly, and we're both tired of spending money at the barber when they don't do that good of a job anyway. I guess we'll find out this weekend if I have the nerve!

  2. I totally understand. I in no way think I am good enough to cut my husband's hair. And I think he agrees 😉 But it's good enough to do the kids….with 4 boys we can save a lot of money!

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