Do What We Have Already Done-Flylady’s Babystep #3

Today, Day 3 of Flylady’s Babysteps is to do what we have already done. Which is:

  1. Keeping your sink shining (my step 1 post here)
  2. Getting up and getting dressed to lace up shoes. (my step #2 post here)

Why am I starting again with Flylady’s Baby Steps? Read here to find out.

Today has been a very busy day with grocery shopping and trying to get back on schedule after that. So, I’m glad there is not a new action for today. I’m content to just “do what we have already done”

And, I LOVE the enthusiasm so many are showing. I love the accountability I’m getting by posting publicly, and I’m having fun. So, today I’m just enjoying knowing where these Babysteps will take me…..

Imagine the peaceful home that is awaiting.

You can do it too! Join in, even if you haven’t started. Start now.

2 Replies to “Do What We Have Already Done-Flylady’s Babystep #3”

  1. Hi there! I saw your post on FlyLady's section of Facebook and thought I'd stop by. I'm new to FlyLady (well, actually I've been "stalking" her for a while but I'm just now jumping in!!!) I'm also on day 3 so I think I'll follow along with you on your journey! Have a great day!

  2. Great to have you! There's a group of us. I'll be posting each day so please visit & leave comments & link to your blog if you are posting on it as well.

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