Babystep Challenge Day 4- Write These Things Down

Day 4– Write These Things Down.

Writing down what we need to do reminds us. I definitely need this, but I think I don’t. This is the danger. I keep it all in my head, and most of it I remember. But some of it I just don’t fit in, and I let it just go….

I have a decent Control Journal. It sits on my counter, buried under papers that I never get to.

I don’t use it much.

I’ll start it again.

Do you put post its up around the house? What works for you to remember what you need to do next?

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  1. Tee-hee, SNAP! Thought I could remember everything too… Lesson learned. I love my iPhone and bought the Home Routines app. But a little card (postcard size) with your Morning Routine or Before Bed routine on it would work just the same 🙂

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