No, I have Not Been Kidnapped By Flylady. My One Hundredth Post.

Those of you who read this blog because I give you nice tips on health & wellness might be wondering what’s happened. It seems that every post lately has been about the Flylady and my Babysteps. Enough, already, you say! I want to hear more about Tofu!

Well, I don’t think tofu’s good for you. But that’s not important right now. (Tee hee-Airplane. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you really need to watch this classic movie.)

Yes, I will continue to post about health.

But I also want more peace in my home than I’ve had. I want less chaos, more order, more SANITY!

And this is where my two worlds, my two paths cross. My world of Health and Wellness, and my world of learning to keeping a peaceful home, raising, training, and teaching children. My reality, my real life.

But at a crossroad, you decide in which direction to go. And if you go in one direction, you cannot go in the other at the same time.

“Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, ” Kipling wrote.

But, these two roads of my life do more than cross. They run parallel to each other.

An orderly home is a peaceful home. It encourages living life, instead of just getting through it. (Which is what I feel I’m doing most of the time.) With systems in place to help my home run smoothly, I can really live my life, enjoying every day. But those systems don’t just happen, they are learned. One babystep at a time. Enter: Flylady.

A healthy body and healthy family makes a peaceful family. Its members feel good, have energy, and are able to really enjoy every day life. Do you want to feel good? Do you want your children to get sick less often? Ditch the headache and the foggy brain. Lose that “I just wanna go to sleep” feeling. Be able to eat without feeling blah. No more ear infections, no need to fear the flu. Doesn’t it sound nice?

It IS nice. We’re each on a journey in our lives. For me, my roads are both about taking babysteps to a peaceful home, and walking out the steps to a healthy life for me and my family. I’ve been on the path to wellness for many years, and it took me time to get to where I am now. I share with you the way to health, also through babysteps. Babysteps to health.

So, you see, FamilyNatural is about health and wellness. Wellness of peace in your body and at home. I don’t know it all; I’m figuring it out too. Thanks for walking along with me. One step at a time.

How fitting that on this, both my ONE HUNDREDTH POST and FamilyNatural’s one year anniversary my path is becoming something I can grasp, and share.

This is fun.

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