You Can Do Anything for 15 Minutes! Babystep Challenge to a Peaceful Home Day 10

You can do anything for 15 minutes.

Yes, anything. Things you don’t want to do. Things you think you can’t do. Things you think you shouldn’t bother with because you think it won’t make a difference.

You can. You should. It WILL make a difference.

How do I know? I learned from Flylady. Over and over I am amazed at what 15 minutes of focused time will do. And then I don’t do it (see, it hasn’t become a habit), and then when I do it again, I am amazed. Again.

This is my entrance hall. The view from our dining table (lovely for ambiance, isn’t it?) and the view as you walk in the front door.

How welcoming.

FOUR minutes it took me to make it like this. FOUR.
Including quickly spraying it down & giving it a wipe. I’ve been looking at that stuff for DAYS, thinking I didn’t have time to do anything about it and wishing someone else would, feeling a little sorry for myself that I have such a messy place and obviously I can’t handle this by myself…

A little more welcoming, don’t you think?

What am I going to do with 11 more minutes?

This. This is our liquor cabinet & we also keep our keys&sunglasses basket here. As you can see on top, it’s also got bottles up there. I hate that. Besides looking messy, it makes it seem like we must drink a LOT. Which we don’t. And off in that little nook there is stuff piled on those drawers.

And here’s what it looked like afterward. Notice the CLEAR SURFACE!

Still 3:33 on the timer. (yes, I stopped it to take the pictures!) What else?

This is our hall closet. It has a curtain that falls down when my toddler plays with it because it’s not really attached. It’s been down for days, and I just “haven’t had the time” to fix it.

And here it is with the curtain. Much better.

Still 2 minutes on the timer. I guess I can take care of this little hot spot.

You can do anything for 15 minutes. I dare you!

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  1. seriously? omg! that is awesome! i do the timer thing all the time. but mine counts up not down so i gave myself 20 mins to do the living room and was pleasntly surprised to see it only took me 10! yay!

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