“No Shots, No School!” – Not True! (On Vaccine Exemptions)

We still have one more month of summer vacation here, and though there’s still lots of time for summer fun, it’s time to start thinking about preparing for the school year. For many that means making sure your child’s vaccine records are up to date.

Vaccinations are a hot topic; no doubt about that. And while we choose not to vaccinate our children,  I will not try to convince you to take the same route as we have. I only urge you, implore you, to educate yourself, as a parent, on the subject.  If you choose to vaccinate your children, fine. But PLEASE do so AFTER finding out the possible side effects or downside of doing so. And PLEASE do it by choice. DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE BULLIED INTO VACCINATING YOUR CHILD!

I posted this last September. It’s that time of year again, and a timely topic for a re-post.


Have you ever been told that your children will not be allowed to attend school without being up to date on their vaccinations? If not, where have you been? That scare tactic has been used for so many years, it’s amazing that it’s survived for one simple fact: IT’S NOT TRUE.

Megan at SortaCrunchy posted this  a couple of days ago last year, and the information is exactly what I’d like to share with you, so please click here to read her post: http://bit.ly/2lSNl

And Stephanie at Adventures In Babywearing wrote this post on the topic of vaccine exemptions. You can read about her experiences with vaccines and how they affected her family.

Then come on back here to leave your comments; this can be an interesting discussion as long as we are respectful to each other.

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One Reply to ““No Shots, No School!” – Not True! (On Vaccine Exemptions)”

  1. we choose not to vaccinate, SO GLAD my mother in law has already recearched all this so she knew exactly what to give me to read. lol. I have had SEVERAL people tell me however that i’m “killing my children” or going against the law. i even had some whack a go nurse tell me that I had to get vaccinated right after i gave birth to my son because i didn’t have some antibody-that could be transmitted during child birth. i thought this was both funny and crazy because my son is my last child, we have no plans for any more. AND i have previously been given this same vacine twice when i was a kid-my mother wasn’t as strong against the masses as i am-and the vaccine never took. my body will NEVER retain this antibody. this pushy nurse told me my kids were going to die, i was killing them, and i was going to die too. the vaccination i needed? rubella. now un informed people(as i was once) would freak out- oh no!! not RUBELLA! of course one search of wikipedia gives me this “Apart from the effects of transplacental infection on the developing fetus, rubella is a relatively trivial infection.” ha ha. it does say that children do better with it than adults but still, it says it normally goes by unknown and can last upto 3 days. wow. thats almost as bad as chicken pox! tee hee hee.. i’m with you on not pushing people, but i just think peoples un educated responses are so ridiculus!

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