A Different Kind Of Body Clutter

I recently shared that we live on a poisoned planet, and the environment plus our living habits (especially our diets) are slowly poisoning US. Adding a yuck factor to our bodies that leave us feeling sluggish,  and generally unwell, and are actually beginning disease processes that we may not find out about for years.

So, what can we do about this?

In Flylady terms, we need to declutter. We already know about clutter in our houses. It just grows and grows as we bring it in, and ends up preventing us from enjoying our homes.  I’ve also heard the Flylady refer to two different types of body clutter: excess weight and clutter between your ears, or “stinkin’ thinkin‘ ”

I suggest that there is another type of Body Clutter: Toxins. They’re not just theoretical; they’re very real. And to make your body work right so that you can feel well and enjoy your life better, you need to get them out. You need to declutter. You need to DETOX.

Sounds like a huge big deal that’s only for health nuts, right? Well, it might sound that way, but it’s not. It’s actually very easy to do, and you can do it too, just by taking some babysteps.

How do you know if you need to detox?

Do you:

  • *get headaches (they may be common, but they’re not normal!)
  • *feel tired even when you’ve gotten what should be enough sleep
  • *get “indigestion” (constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, heartburn, etc.)
  • *have allergies
  • *get sick more than a couple of times a year
  • *have a general feeling of blah for no apparent reason
  • *live on the same poisoned planet that I do 🙂

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then read on. Steps to declutter your toxins are coming up.

My entire family and I are going to do a detox program beginning next week (August 15) for 21 days.  It will involve taking certain supplements (that are completely natural and safe for us all-even the little guys) and modifying our diets to assist our bodies to do what they already know how to do: take out the garbage. I’ll share more details  of our plans in an upcoming post.

But what about YOU? Do you feel that maybe, just maybe, you could use a little bit of “body de-cluttering?” Even without taking supplements, you could make great changes.

Detoxing is not an “all or nothing” kind of thing. Any little step you take will help you.

Commit to ONE of these for three weeks beginning on August 15, 2010:

  1. Say NO to soda and/or coffee, and drink ONLY WATER.  Leanne Ely of Saving Dinner posted a great “No Soda for Me” essay on her Facebook page. If you still don’t believe that soda’s bad for you, read my post on What Happens To Your Body Within An Hour of Drinking a Coke. Note: “drinking water”  means drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of WATER each day (not juice, crystal light, or anything else.
  2. Say NO to artificial sweeteners, MSG, and/or high fructose corn syrup. You can read my post on Aspartame’s New Name and why corn syrup is NOT a sweet surprise.
  3. Say NO to processed grains. This means only WHOLE wheat bread, pasta, whole grain rice.  For more info on why whole wheat is important, see Is Wonderbread Making You Sterile?
  4. Say NO to meat of any kind more than 3 times total in one week. Or cut it down to once. Or not at all. In other words, how ever much meat you are eating now, eat much LESS of it. Wondering what you’ll serve for dinner? Check out some of my non-meat recipes including beans.
  5. Say NO to dairy. Or cut it down dramatically. Whatever would be a big change for you; none is best if you want to be able to see how you feel without it. Why? Read my post on milk and how to get your calcium from other places. And don’t forget: you can make your own almond milk anytime!
  6. Say NO to processed sugar. This includes white and brown sugar and also honey if it’s pasteurized. What does that leave you with? Raw honey, sucanat, or stevia. Dried dates and raisins can be used to sweeten, but try getting along without indulging that sweet tooth. And yes…this means no chocolate! Unless you can get chocolate without sugar. If so, then go for it! 🙂
  7. Say NO to animal products. In other words, go vegan. Avoid all meats, milk/cheese and eggs. Eat only things that might have been growing in the Garden of Eden, hopefully in a form close to their original.
  8. Say NO to cooked foods. Go for LIVE foods that still have their enzymes in them. If you do this, your body will absolutely jump for joy, and the level of healing and detoxing it can accomplish will soar.  I’ve mentioned going more raw in these posts: When Your Child Is Unwell: Attitudes Toward Illness and Sick And Tired of Feeling Sick And Tired. If going completely raw is not something you’d consider, try it for two or at least one meal each day.

Do any ONE of these for 21 days (3 weeks), and you will notice changes!

Choose the one that works for YOU.

I can’t wait to see how great our family feels after our detox. Join us.

Make a commitment to ONE of the above choices for 3 weeks. Which one is right for you? Leave a comment. Accountability is very powerful, and I’d love for us to share this journey together.

9 Replies to “A Different Kind Of Body Clutter”

  1. OK, SIGN ME UP!! I have needed this little push for a long time. I commit to 1)Drinking ONLY water, 2)eating all whole & vegan, and 3)having one or 2 meals per day be LIVE.
    I’m nervous….
    Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Me too. I’m already there with 1-16 on your family natural website. I just need the accountability partner. This is an answered prayer to be ready for the Fall feasts. give us a message daily, Dr. Kim – so we can know you are hanging with us. Thanks so much. Genius idea to be a part of this with you all.

  3. I like your list, Dr. Kim. I’ve been working on all of these things–but need to do some fine-tuning. So this is what I will commit to for 3 weeks:

    1) I’ve been drinking only water and tea (no soda, no coffee). Do fruit or green smoothies count? I don’t think so–so I’ll commit to cutting out the tea.

    2) I’ve been avoiding MSG like the plague–which it is, duh–and have always avoided artificial sweeteners and lately stopped buying corn syrup–but I will be more careful about things I use to cook with. Hmmm, I guess that means no chicken or beef bouillon, or gravy mix?

    3) I gave up white bread eons ago, white rice a few years ago, and white pasta a few months ago–but am still tempted because we do still have some in the house. I am having a tough time getting used to the whole wheat pasta… I will commit to making sure I cook no white stuff for the next 3 weeks.

    4) I have tried to cut my family’s meat consumption back a few times, but it keeps sneaking back up. Since my daughter is away for 3 weeks and hubby works a couple evenings a week and will be away at conference for a few days, it should be easy to at least stop my own meat consumption for 3 weeks. Okay, I’ll commit to that.

    5) We cut out dairy products several years ago and my daughter’s health and my own improved considerably (wrote about that on my website). We switched to soy milk and had a dilly of a time finding one that we “liked.” I’ve been making almond milk for a few months and my husband and son are enjoying it. (Could use some good recipes for using the almond pulp, though!) But we’ve been backsliding and buying cheddar cheese and ice cream lately. I’ll commit to cutting out the cheese and ice cream for 3 weeks.

    6) No processed sugar, no problem. Just have to ignore any treats our son might happen to bake for the rest of the month…

    7) No animal products–well, if I’m cutting out meat and dairy products already, looks like I’m already there!

    8) No cooked food–I managed a few months ago to go 4 weeks eating totally raw and I felt so much better that I’ve been wanting to do it again. So here I go–I’ll commit to 3 weeks raw (after tonight, because I have steaks thawing for tonight’s supper). And I’ll have to stop with the potato chips…

    Thanks for the push. I’ve been needing this…


  4. Hello! Hmmm, this is doable… I like just picking *1* thing to work on at a time… Babysteps!!

    I’ve been on and off about #1, so I’ll start there! I am curious about teas, what you think of them.

    My husband is a meat-and-potatoes kinda guy, I’m guessing I would never do all 7, but I”m doing a few of these things 80%… this could help jack me up that extra 20%


  5. Hi Lisa- picking something specific to stick to is the key, and babysteps do indeed make it doable.

    I do think that drinking the proper amount of water is the most important place to start if you’re not already doing it. And water means ONLY water, NOT tea. If you want to drink some kind of flavored tea-drink in addition to the proper amount of water, I think that herbal teas (naturally decaffeinated) are fine, sweetened only with stevia or possibly some raw honey. The truth is that after you drink enough water, you don’t have much time in the day or stomach room for anything else! LOL.

  6. Connie- Good for you for being specific. It makes a big difference in your follow through. As far as drinking water, it means drinking ONLY WATER. Tea is not water. Water needs to be 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day. If you still have stomach room and time in your day for other drinks, I recommend only herbal (naturally decaffeinated) tea. Not black tea which has caffeine. And any kind of smoothie is not a drink, it is a meal. As far as MSG, you are right-no boullion. I have a post on making chicken broth. It’s easy and delicious. I’ll be experimenting with veggie broth soon. Almond pulp: Put it in the freezer and collect it. Then add it to pancake batter, granola, throw it in smoothies. And, Go you on the raw! I am trying to get there myself.

  7. Hi Paula- I definitely think that doing this together as a group is key. I’ll be posting on the blog, and the FamilyNatural Facebook page will be the best place for daily interactions and cheering each other on. If you haven’t gone there, go and click the “like” button. Then you’ll be notified of any thing I post. Glad you’re joining in!

  8. Well, I have to add #9: A water only fast. Last evening (after watching some videos about a water only fast someone was doing) I began my third one–and decided to try to go a day further than last time. So my goal is to try and make it to sabbath on a water only fast. Or at least to Thursday when hubby will want his first supper at home after the convention he’s at.

    Today I got some good reinforcement because I was working on the curriculum for Lessons for Healthy Living and watching DVD #4, Making the Change, and editing the section on Diseases and Fasting. I’m taking advantage of having half my family away to push full steam ahead on the curriculum for at least until Wednesday night–ignoring everything else (except the garden when I really have to harvest something). I’m not tempted to put some of that cabbage on the dehydrator tray in my mouth, but boy those tomatoes sure look delicious!

    Kim, I do freeze the almond pulp until I collect enough to dehydrate and then I grind it to a powder for storage. Once in awhile I use some in a smoothie or something but I need more almond-flour-based recipes, or I am going to have enough almond flour to live on in the trib! Not that that would be a bad thing…but I will need recipes for then, too. lol

    Well, back to the cabbage…


  9. The longest I’ve ever fasted is 3 days. They say that the second day is the hardest and I think it’s true; if you can make it past the third you’re good to go. Why don’t you just throw the almond pulp in your smoothie? You can even cut down on whatever nuts you were putting in to compensate.

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