We Have Begun: Adventures in Detoxing. Day 1

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

We took our first steps today. We began our family-wide detox program. And I can truly truly say that:

I’m glad this day is just about over.

No, it wasn’t bad. We’re doing ok. But you should have seen our kitchen mayhem this morning. It went something like this:

I woke early, weighed myself, and collected my deposit in what I had available….a wine glass. Why, you ask? Well, for the pH test. And the first morning pee is the most concentrated, and I couldn’t wait, so I had a wine glass that had been waiting to be brought downstairs so I quickly rinsed it out and did my business.

And it said I was acidic. Okey dokey, I guess there are some changes to be made.

So downstairs I came, did my exercise, and my husband soon proceeded to take out all the different bottles of stuff and spread them all over the table.  Last night he did the math of who gets what and how much and when. Remember, we have little ones who take roughly half of an adult’s dosage, but then it all has to be split up, and some of them don’t swallow pills yet, and…..it’s complicated.  And he is doing a different, more intense program than the rest of us.

The kids all got up and needed their pH tested. We won’t necessarily do it every day, but wanted to see where everybody’s starting. But getting them to pee in a cup just seemed like it was asking for trouble. I mean, they have finally learned to get it into the toilet; I don’t want to confuse them. Luckily, it can be done with saliva too. So we did. But we didn’t read it right away and it faded and so we had to do it again. OK. Then we figured that I should check mine again because everybody else in the family was showing a much different result than mine, and they had all used saliva. So I tried. Only resting it on the tongue wasn’t enough, so I tried to spit on the counter. And I was told that “I spit like a girl.” Which, as far as I’m concerned, is just fine with me. I’m a delicate flower, don’cha know? 🙂

We had a fantastic smoothie, and then Hubby proceeded to begin to make his morning juice. It took a LONG time, especially between giving all the kiddos their stuff. ( I was doing laundry and other house type things). But, it was the first time, and I know we’ll get a flow once we get used to it.

I made some good juice for lunch. The baby had her smoothie, and the rest of us had the juice. And though the 2 year old was less than enthusiastic, everyone else enjoyed it.  Some raw granola bars for a snack and melon came later for another one. And for dinner…..fresh nut butter with carrots and apple wedges to dip. So we did keep it raw the whole day. I am glad about that and will try to do that for at least the first few days.

How do we feel? Well, I feel ok physically but am getting a little cranky. I took a nap to help me get through my normal afternoon coffee break (gasp! Yes, I have been drinking 1 cup in the afternoon during “my” time) and I’ll try to plan to do that every day, though it will mean I won’t have as much time to write or have to myself. Two of the little ones have some cold symptoms, but other than that we are fine. Of course, tomorrow is another day…

And I’m excited for us to end up here:

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How’s YOUR detox going? I’d love to hear from you!

9 Replies to “We Have Begun: Adventures in Detoxing. Day 1”

  1. Will coconut milk (raw organic) work instead of almond? We use this for a milk substitute. Unsweetened. Also, I buy an expensive whole wheat flour – Hodgson Mill, stone ground. What if I add some wheat germ and or flax in to make bread products?

  2. also, Basmati Jasmine rice is white. It cooks so fluffy and we love it. Is it considered a good rice?

  3. So, we can’t start detoxing yet because we have way too much leftover corned beef from Shabbat. But as soon as we finish it, then we are going to try for 3 weeks without meat and soda- I know not quite as extreme as you guys, but we will still eat as many salads and fruit as we can instead of cooked stuff. Your meal plan looks a little scary in that it seems like you’re not eating anything (quantity-wise) though. I mean who could make a meal out of apple slices and carrot sticks? Do you feed the kids each like 10 carrots so they will actually fill up? By the way, do you know any good foods that naturally help reduce muscle inflammation? I just had another serious jaw incident that left it inflamed and would rather not have to take 10 Ibuprofen to get through the day.

  4. I’m slightly confused. From what I’ve read on your blog it sounds like you are still nursing your littlest one. Are you starting a detox while nursing your baby?

  5. Paula- I also love the taste of Basmati rice. But white is white, and it’s been stripped and probably bleached. There is such a thing as brown basmati but it is hard to find. Have a look for it, if not, save it for once in a while and try another whole grain rice. As for the coconut milk, is it processed at all? Anything other than cow’s milk is probably better than cow’s milk, but you want something that’s natural and unprocessed, raw if possible so that it actually has nutrients in it. You can make milks out of any kind of raw nut; you can also make it from rice (not white though!) even though it’s not raw. Flour: if it’s not fresh ground, it doesn’t have the nutrients in it. If you don’t have the ability to grind your own, whole wheat is certainly better than white. If the wheat germ you’d add in isn’t freshly ground, it won’t help much. You could add in flax or any kind of nuts (freshly ground) to boost the nutrition of the bread if using store bought flour.

  6. Beth- The apple and carrot are accompanied by fresh nut butter or granola (nuts & dried fruit) and they get as much as they want. Cabbage leaves are good for joint and breast inflammation; probably good for muscle too. Put an outer cabbage leaf in a plastic bag and roll it w/a rolling pin to let the juices start come out, then wrap the area for hours (overnight is good). I don’t know how you’d work that on a jaw, but be creative.

  7. Danie- My baby is completely weaned. However, the detox I am doing is extremely gentle and considered safe for both pregnant and nursing mothers. My husband’s detox is much more intense and I would not recommend it for a nursing mom, but mine would probably be ok. I’d research more if I were in that situation.

  8. Hi Dr. Kim,
    I’m just now looking at your blog when you as a family de-toxed. I’m doing mine now and am using the intensive 21-day detox. I’m having difficulty because of lack of energy and need one cooked meal such as a vegetable rice soup. I do put some fish in it sometimes.

    I also have an extremely frozen shoulder. I saw your message about using crushed cabbage leave. Would that work on my shoulder tensons/ligaments too?

    Do you have any other suggestions?

  9. Good for you on the detox; I didn’t do the intensive one, though my hubby did, so I can’t comment on the energy level, but you should be able to add raw food in for more calories without going to the cooked. If you do that, although you may have more calories, you’d still retain the enzymes and therefore would be able to get more out of the detox because your body wouldn’t be having to use as much energy for the digestion. Just an idea.

    As for the shoulder, I don’t know if the cabbage leaf thing would help, but I don’t see how it could hurt. Most of the testimonials I read were for inflammation; if there’s swelling (which I’m guessing there is), then go for it! Do a search on “cabbage leaf inflammation” or “cabbage leaves shoulder pain”, etc. Don’t forget that your detox may cause other strange symptoms as toxins are released, and you may just need to get through it. It’s possible that your shoulder is related to this, even if you did have a preexisting injury.

    All the best.

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