The Stink Factor

As you know, we’re doing a detox program in our family.(Click here to read all our posts on our detox)

I geared up mentally for the raw food that we’ve been eating all week. I got the kids prepared. I got excited to see the changes in health for my son with the lung issues, for my son with the skin issues and the general crankiness and sleeping trouble. I was totally psyched for these darn parasites to leave us.

And, of course, if I’m going to try to get the toxins OUT of me, I want to do what I can to avoid putting them INTO me.  Unfortunately, I did not consider what that would mean when it was time to get dressed in the morning, and I reach for my anti-perspirant and……WHOOPS.

That’s right. I still use anti-perspirant. And I’ve been thinking about quitting. But, I was NOT planning to quit in the middle of the summer!

In case you are wondering why I’d stop using anti-perspirant, it’s mostly because of the aluminum. Aluminum is toxic stuff that’s been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease and other brain disorders.

Katie at the Simple Organic had a natural deoderant challenge a little while back. It intrigued me.  She even had a follow up with good news that was encouraging; I was definitely inspired to try it myself. Next winter.

Umm….enter the detox time. I was NOT prepared for this. So, although I would like to try making my own deoderant, I just have too much on my plate right now. So, I’ve been using a generic version of Gold Bond Medicated Body Powder. I’ve been putting it on in the morning, and again in the afternoon. It’s not too bad. It does have talc in it, which is also not without problems. But, it’s better than the aluminum, and it’s doing the job.

Have you ever considered going natural on the stink prevention? What’s your situation?

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  1. I have used deodorant crystals for several years, with pretty good results. The ones with stuff added, like aloe vera, do NOT work as well as the plain crystals.

    A while back I experimented with not using soap in the shower, but just scrubbed myself with a pouf and baking soda. An interesting result I noticed was that when I stopped using soap under my arms, I experienced less odor during the day.

  2. Interesting about no soap under the arms affecting odor. My main concern/problem with no antiperspirant is actually not the odor-it’s the stickiness which basically means: the sweat. I just don’t like the way it feels. So if nothing natural is going to stop that from happening, well, I guess I’m just going to have to get used to it. Hopefully something involving baking soda will help.

  3. I have just recently switched from deordorant stick to a salt crystal, the name is Thai Salt Crystal. I have been amazed at how well it works. I have thrown all my stick deodorants away. From what I understand a lot of these alternative deordorants still contain aluminum in them. Does anyone know? Sharon

  4. I have not used anti-persperant for a good many years inspite of my essesive sweating and stink. I mean sweating so much in winter and smelling so bad that even my husband talked to me about it because it confused him why it was so bad!!Anyway I still kept my resolve to not use that stuff and anyway it was so irritating to my underarms that I don’t know what was worse the stinging, itch or the wet stink! So after many years of trying many different kinds of natural products (I have used the salt crystal for about the last 5 yrs)I came across a recipe in a local sustainable magazine for a recipe for deoderant that claimed to take the stench off a gaot!! Well it has been 3 months and WOW I cannot believe how well it works! The true test will be the winter months since oddly for me is the time I sweat more and stink more. But for now I am sold and it is easy to put together and cheap! I close the post with the recipe including the thing I added for my own personal needs. 3 TBLS Shea Butter,2 TBLS Coconut Oil,3 TBLS Baking Soda, 2 TBLS Corn Starch, Vitimin E from 2 gel caps. I add 2 TBLS European Green Clay also. Melt the Shea butter and Coconut oil in double boiler( can be done in Micro but I don’t like that idea myself, I just sit them in the sun for a bit and that does it). Mix in all other ingrediants and store in container. You may add essential oils for fragrance( I don’t).So you just dap or pat on(don’t rub it, it will flake). I am so glad I found this because it works so well even helps with the sweating part for some reason.

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