Meal Plan for the week of May 2, 2011

I’ve been sort of out of the planning mode lately, but that’s got to stop. Especially while gearing up for major life changes (like moving), I need all the brain space I can get, and I can’t afford to waste energy trying to figure out what’s for dinner each day. Plus, I need to make sure we use up the food in the house before we leave it and not let it go to waste.¬† In case you aren’t sure why you’d take time to plan your meals, you can read my enlightening explanation here.

Otherwise, on we go:

Monday- Pancake dinner with fresh peaches and bananas

Tuesday – Tuna Noodle Casserole (with various veggies thrown in)

Wednesday – Moroccan Chickpeas with Red Sauce, couscous, salad

Thursday – Mexican Casserole (in honor of Cinco de Mayo)

Friday – baked fish of some kind, steamed green beans, rice, challah, brownies for dessert

Saturday Рquick and easy granola with fresh cashew milk  for breakfast, this new lentil soup recipe & salad for dinner

Sunday – some kind of hotdog casserole (I have a bunch to use up), salad. Hmm…just realized it’s Mother’s Day

Monday – (Israeli independence day) -BBQ burgers, fresh coleslaw, potato wedges

Check out other menu plans at Organizing Junkie Hope you have a fantastic week!

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