On the Other Side of the World

I haven’t posted much in a long time, and it’s not just because having 5 children keeps me so busy (though it does) or because having them all at home because we homeschool keeps me so busy (though it does), no. It’s because for several months we’ve been preparing, for various reasons, to uproot and move away from our home in Israel all the way to the other side of the world.  Back to the good ‘ole USA.

Oh, we’ve had adventures on the way here.

Just the amount of decluttering we did in an attempt to simplify our lives was tremendous.  Wanna know how to throw a super-good house sale? I can tell you!

Wanna know how to take 5 young children on an airplane for many, MANY hours? I can tell you.

So, we made it. From Jerusalem to sunny Florida, we made it. We don’t know how long we’re staying, but we’re up for more adventures along the road.

So, I’ll share any health-related or family-related issues I find (as I have time to ha HA), as well as just those things I’m noticing that are either different than how I remember them to be, or just different from how they are in Israel.

Which will always be our home.

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