Young Living Essential Oils

Why Essential Oils?

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I have been into all things natural for quite a while, and have had a passion for teaching people about how to take steps toward their quest for health, even in ways other than Chiropractic. However, I delayed getting into EOs just because my life was busy, I didn’t want a new cost or something new I ‘had’ to study, I thought all was good enough, etc. etc. even though I knew that at some point I would do so.

Honestly, I didn’t understand why they were important, or how powerful they could be.

Then, it became apparent that I was dealing with a hormonal imbalance that was making my emotions overwhelming to me, and I consulted with a friend who helps women with these issues (which I was made to realize ALL women have), specializing in using Young Living oils. And after months (actually, YEARS ) of rollercoaster emotions which I thought were just my inability to cope with my quickly growing family or moving overseas, etc, I WAS BETTER IN FOUR DAYS. I kid you not.

I very quickly learned to incorporate Young Living’s “Everyday Oils” for a wide variety of uses on everyone in my family. With eight of us, the applications are nearly endless; we have used them for tummy aches, insomnia, headaches, immune boosting, poison ivy, allergies, calming the baby back to sleep, bug bites, mosquito repellant, and more….(oh, and don’t forget those ‘blues’)

And we were already a healthy family, living a fairly natural lifestyle. And yet, I can say that these oils are indispensable and I can’t imagine not using them from now on.

I now believe that pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are truly a part of living a healthy lifestyle. There is no better substitute for anything you may have (or be tempted to use) from the pharmaceutical industry. No side effects, only doing what your body needs.

I will be posting articles describing my experiences as well as others’ testimonials on using Young Living Essential Oils.

At any time, if you would like more information or are interested in purchasing the oils, click here. That will take you to the Young Living website, where my member number (1442019) will be already filled in for you under the sponsor and enroller fields.

Be In Health,

Dr. Kim

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