Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two

I have a confession to make.

I’m a pickpocket.

But it’s all for a good cause, you see….the cause of my time. And my laundry.

If you have children (or even just husbands), you have probably learned that it’s important to check pockets before putting things in the washing machine.  Not for you, of course; you never forget there’s an important paper in your pocket.

I once washed my husbands entire wallet. Complete with credit card (needed replacing), memory stick (amazingly, still worked), and a check that fell apart and was an embarrassment to ask for a re-issue. I learned my lesson.

And then I had children. Who like to stick the strangest things in their pockets! Rocks, pieces of play-dough, crayons….you do not want to wash those things with your other clothes.

I made a cutsey sign to hang over the hamper. It reminds everyone to check their pockets, sort by color, make sure it’s dirty, etc.

Nobody pays any attention to the sign.

I nagged, I implored them to check their pockets. It made little difference.

And then, I began to pick pockets. For profit, that is.

I empty the pockets, and the contents become mine. I then offer said contents for SALE to the owner first, and then to others if the owner doesn’t want to fork it over. If there are no buyers, I declutter it by putting it in the trash (it usually belongs there anyway).

I don’t charge much, only a shekel (about 25 cents) per item. But to the kids, it’s a lot (the 2 older ones get 1 or 2 shekels for allowance each week plus a little for extra jobs if they choose). And it works! It makes them more careful about leaving things in their pockets, and helps them learn the value of both things and money at the same time.

It works for me.

What’s your trick for getting your family members to participate in laundry rules?

What’s the worst thing you ever washed by mistake?

Have you ever been pickpocketed for real?

How do you teach your children to take care of their things/value of money?

When was the last time you watched Oliver! ?

How To Avoid Headaches-Naturally

I have a headache.

“Take an Excedrine” says conventional medicine. “Maybe you are working too hard. Or have an allergy–here…take an antihistimine.”

“Drink water”, says natural healthcare. “You’re probably dehydrated. Or are having a reaction to some toxin. Or you have a subluxation in your spine-go see your chiropractor.”

Do you get headaches? I used to get them all the time. In fact, during college, I’d have them almost daily. I loved Excedrine. It really does work. Well, it gets rid of the headache, anyway. I mean, as long as the headache went away, the problem was gone. Right?

Wrong. Really wrong.

When your “service engine soon” light comes on on the dashboard of your car, what do you do? Do you think to yourself, “hey, that pesky light is on again. I don’t want to look at it, so I’m going to put a sticker over that spot so that I won’t have to see it anymore” and then go on your way? No, of course not! That would be idiotic. That light is a warning, telling you that your car needs attention. If you ignore it, you will cause irreparable damage to the engine.

This is a basic analogy that you have probably heard; it runs in the natural healthcare world. And, I am obviously drawing a parallel between the light on the dashboard and your headache. Or indigestion. Or sore throat. You name the symptom, the point is the same.

All symptoms are warning signs that something is wrong or malfunctioning in your body. If you treat the symptom by covering it up, the problem is still there, causing damage.

True health comes when your body is working properly, functioning as it should. If you experience a symptom, you need to find the cause of the problem, and correct it.

So, back to that headache.

Like I said, I used to get frequent headaches. And then I found out what caused them.

Sugar! Sugar caused them. And now that I’ve reduced my sugar intake dramatically, I only get headaches when I’m not drinking enough water.

If you want to stop getting headaches, try these:

  1. Drink enough water. Enough means 1/2 your body weight in ounces each day. More if you’re sick or healing, pregnant or nursing, trying to lose weight, exercising or perspiring a lot. And water means WATER. Not liquids which “have water in them”.
  2. Avoid processed sugar. This includes corn syrup.
  3. Avoid caffeine.
  4. Avoid artificial sweeteners, MSG, and other known toxins.

These are some ways to avoid headaches. But the main philosophy I’m sharing is that of: search for the root of the problem instead of covering up the symptom.

Taking a pill promotes sickness. The chemicals in the pill are not good for your body. They do not promote life. That’s why there’s a warning label on the bottle telling you to keep it out of the reach of children. It’s not any better for you than it is for them; it just won’t kill you right away.

Staying away from toxins and drinking water promote life and healing. They do not hurt you in any way, and can only help your body–not only get rid of headaches but in other functions as well.

Choose life.

When Natural Doesn’t Seem To Work

I feel extremely frustrated.

Remember those Unwanted Guests I so eloquently described? Yep, enterobius vermicularis AKA pinworms. We’ve got them. Or, at least one of us still has them, despite our all natural anti-parasite regimen, including lots of toy rinsing, sheet changing, tush-showering, and LOTS of hand-washing (with paper towels to dry). ARGH !!!

Natural remedies work- in general. I’ve experienced that. There are too many testimonials out there to just blatantly disbelieve them. But they are gentle. They take longer. They require patience and perseverance. And, they are not cookie-cutter answers: you have to tweak it to see what works best for each individual person. That’s because natural remedies use real food or herbs, etc, to help the body do its own work. They promote life and healing (pro-bio), instead of death and sickness (anti-bio).

We used a gentle parasite cleanse, well, gently. Instead of giving our kids a full strength dose for the recommended 3 weeks that an adult would take, we gave them a half dose for only 2 weeks. We did not take into consideration the ages of our children and how that might affect the transmission of these little critters. In other words, kids somehow manage to get those little egg things spread around the house and then put their hands into their mouths constantly, which is something that an adult would be able to better control.  So treating a household with five young children, one of whom is crawling and puts everything in her mouth, should not be approached the same way as treating a single adult.  So all the while we were cleansing, at least some of us were re-infesting. Eeew.

I believe our bodies were made to be healthy, with the ability to self-regulate and heal, providing no interference. (For more on this, read “When Your Child Is Unwell: Attitudes Toward Illness“) And that when an interference is discovered or detected, it should be corrected in the way that will cause little to no harm to the body. If possible. Within limits that you choose.

Our son was hospitalized with pneumonia and took antibiotics, intravenously and then orally. Antibiotics are awful for your body, but they do have a purpose. It is possible that if he hadn’t gone for that treatment that he would have died. Obviously, that’s a limit that we were not willing to pass in the name of  “doing things naturally.” So, we allowed his body to be given toxins in order to clear up the infection that for some reason his body seemed incapable of correcting itself.

And then we began the cleanup process.

If I were more patient, we could take the natural parasite cleanse again, longer, and with a higher dosage. I am not. This parasite is so communicable that we are unable to have friends over until we are sure that it is gone. Not cool at all.

Now, once it’s gone, we MUST take steps to protect ourselves from a re-infestation. How, you might ask, would we get it again? Oh, that’s easy. PAY ATTENTION TO THIS, ALL YOU PARENTS WHO HAVE YOUNG CHILDREN YOU SEND TO SCHOOL OR DAYCARE: My 4 year old son will not be homeschooling with us this year. He will be going to preschool. With other kids. Who also don’t have the best toilet habits, hand washing habits, who put things in their mouths, and….you get it. Basically, these creepy crawlies are everywhere there are young children!

So, I’m planning to get whatever I need to get to wipe these things out. And then, we’ll continue our cleanup process. And learn to really like apple cider vinegar, garlic, cloves, and pumpkin seeds (natural anti-parasitic foods).

Here are things you can do to help keep parasites away:

  1. To avoid head lice, get rosemary oil from the health food store. Dab a drop behind each earlobe of your child as you would perfume before he goes to school each day.  You can also use any shampoo or conditioner with rosemary or tea tree oil in it; they don’t like the smell.
  2. To avoid  intestinal parasites (like pinworms), eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies. As much raw as possible
  3. Add raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds to your diet. You can add them to your smoothie or have them as a snack. The worms don’t like them.
  4. Have an apple cider vinegar drink 2-3 times a day. Have a tablespoon of vinegar (organic with the “mother” is best) with a few drops of stevia in a cup of water. It tastes like apple juice and keeps the wormies away.
  5. Eat raw garlic. I take a clove and press it, then take some of that on a spoon, covered in raw honey. The honey helps it slide right down. (Don’t do this on an empty stomach!)
  6. Add a pinch of ground cloves to your breakfast smoothie and your dehydrated granola. You don’t know how to make those? Ask me and I’ll give you the recipies.
  7. Wash, wash, wash those hands! Not just before meal times, but before bed (thumb-sucking), after waking up, after playing outside, of course after using the bathroom…..and every hour in between.

Got any other tips to share? Send them along!

The Stink Factor

As you know, we’re doing a detox program in our family.(Click here to read all our posts on our detox)

I geared up mentally for the raw food that we’ve been eating all week. I got the kids prepared. I got excited to see the changes in health for my son with the lung issues, for my son with the skin issues and the general crankiness and sleeping trouble. I was totally psyched for these darn parasites to leave us.

And, of course, if I’m going to try to get the toxins OUT of me, I want to do what I can to avoid putting them INTO me.  Unfortunately, I did not consider what that would mean when it was time to get dressed in the morning, and I reach for my anti-perspirant and……WHOOPS.

That’s right. I still use anti-perspirant. And I’ve been thinking about quitting. But, I was NOT planning to quit in the middle of the summer!

In case you are wondering why I’d stop using anti-perspirant, it’s mostly because of the aluminum. Aluminum is toxic stuff that’s been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease and other brain disorders.

Katie at the Simple Organic had a natural deoderant challenge a little while back. It intrigued me.  She even had a follow up with good news that was encouraging; I was definitely inspired to try it myself. Next winter.

Umm….enter the detox time. I was NOT prepared for this. So, although I would like to try making my own deoderant, I just have too much on my plate right now. So, I’ve been using a generic version of Gold Bond Medicated Body Powder. I’ve been putting it on in the morning, and again in the afternoon. It’s not too bad. It does have talc in it, which is also not without problems. But, it’s better than the aluminum, and it’s doing the job.

Have you ever considered going natural on the stink prevention? What’s your situation?

A Different Kind Of Body Clutter

I recently shared that we live on a poisoned planet, and the environment plus our living habits (especially our diets) are slowly poisoning US. Adding a yuck factor to our bodies that leave us feeling sluggish,  and generally unwell, and are actually beginning disease processes that we may not find out about for years.

So, what can we do about this?

In Flylady terms, we need to declutter. We already know about clutter in our houses. It just grows and grows as we bring it in, and ends up preventing us from enjoying our homes.  I’ve also heard the Flylady refer to two different types of body clutter: excess weight and clutter between your ears, or “stinkin’ thinkin‘ ”

I suggest that there is another type of Body Clutter: Toxins. They’re not just theoretical; they’re very real. And to make your body work right so that you can feel well and enjoy your life better, you need to get them out. You need to declutter. You need to DETOX.

Sounds like a huge big deal that’s only for health nuts, right? Well, it might sound that way, but it’s not. It’s actually very easy to do, and you can do it too, just by taking some babysteps.

How do you know if you need to detox?

Do you:

  • *get headaches (they may be common, but they’re not normal!)
  • *feel tired even when you’ve gotten what should be enough sleep
  • *get “indigestion” (constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, heartburn, etc.)
  • *have allergies
  • *get sick more than a couple of times a year
  • *have a general feeling of blah for no apparent reason
  • *live on the same poisoned planet that I do 🙂

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then read on. Steps to declutter your toxins are coming up.

My entire family and I are going to do a detox program beginning next week (August 15) for 21 days.  It will involve taking certain supplements (that are completely natural and safe for us all-even the little guys) and modifying our diets to assist our bodies to do what they already know how to do: take out the garbage. I’ll share more details  of our plans in an upcoming post.

But what about YOU? Do you feel that maybe, just maybe, you could use a little bit of “body de-cluttering?” Even without taking supplements, you could make great changes.

Detoxing is not an “all or nothing” kind of thing. Any little step you take will help you.

Commit to ONE of these for three weeks beginning on August 15, 2010:

  1. Say NO to soda and/or coffee, and drink ONLY WATER.  Leanne Ely of Saving Dinner posted a great “No Soda for Me” essay on her Facebook page. If you still don’t believe that soda’s bad for you, read my post on What Happens To Your Body Within An Hour of Drinking a Coke. Note: “drinking water”  means drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of WATER each day (not juice, crystal light, or anything else.
  2. Say NO to artificial sweeteners, MSG, and/or high fructose corn syrup. You can read my post on Aspartame’s New Name and why corn syrup is NOT a sweet surprise.
  3. Say NO to processed grains. This means only WHOLE wheat bread, pasta, whole grain rice.  For more info on why whole wheat is important, see Is Wonderbread Making You Sterile?
  4. Say NO to meat of any kind more than 3 times total in one week. Or cut it down to once. Or not at all. In other words, how ever much meat you are eating now, eat much LESS of it. Wondering what you’ll serve for dinner? Check out some of my non-meat recipes including beans.
  5. Say NO to dairy. Or cut it down dramatically. Whatever would be a big change for you; none is best if you want to be able to see how you feel without it. Why? Read my post on milk and how to get your calcium from other places. And don’t forget: you can make your own almond milk anytime!
  6. Say NO to processed sugar. This includes white and brown sugar and also honey if it’s pasteurized. What does that leave you with? Raw honey, sucanat, or stevia. Dried dates and raisins can be used to sweeten, but try getting along without indulging that sweet tooth. And yes…this means no chocolate! Unless you can get chocolate without sugar. If so, then go for it! 🙂
  7. Say NO to animal products. In other words, go vegan. Avoid all meats, milk/cheese and eggs. Eat only things that might have been growing in the Garden of Eden, hopefully in a form close to their original.
  8. Say NO to cooked foods. Go for LIVE foods that still have their enzymes in them. If you do this, your body will absolutely jump for joy, and the level of healing and detoxing it can accomplish will soar.  I’ve mentioned going more raw in these posts: When Your Child Is Unwell: Attitudes Toward Illness and Sick And Tired of Feeling Sick And Tired. If going completely raw is not something you’d consider, try it for two or at least one meal each day.

Do any ONE of these for 21 days (3 weeks), and you will notice changes!

Choose the one that works for YOU.

I can’t wait to see how great our family feels after our detox. Join us.

Make a commitment to ONE of the above choices for 3 weeks. Which one is right for you? Leave a comment. Accountability is very powerful, and I’d love for us to share this journey together.

Unwanted Guests

Ever had an unwanted guest?

A few years ago we experienced the thrills of head lice. Boy, that was a hassle. Thankfully, it didn’t scar my 3 little boys too much to get a buzz cut, and I had a good friend who was willing to comb out my hair for me. Many times. But, what a hassle! Now we use rosemary oil regularly to help keep them away. It seems to work.

Last year at this time we were a little negligent lax about treating our dogs for ticks. We thought that as long as we checked them regularly and removed the ticks, that was good enough. Well, we discovered that ticks just LOOOVE to replicate in the house, and boy, are they good at it. A tick infestation is NOT a fun thing to deal with.  This spring, we did not take any chances, and have treated them with the chemicals. And, it seems to be working.

This year, we have a new unwanted guest. It’s a nasty one called Enterobius Vermicularis. Also known as Pinworm. Oh, if you don’t know about pinworm, let me enlighten you. Warning: it’s disgusting.

First, someone, presumably your young child (I’ve had 3 in and out of preschool, kindergarten, and first grade in the past 2 years) touches something that has a microscopic worm egg on it, probably at school, and puts his hand in his mouth. The egg is swallowed, and then hatches in your child’s intestine where it enjoys a nice warm place to sleep and food consumed by the child. When it’s ready, the female worm (which is very tiny, only about 8 mm long) lays eggs. Oh, this is the good part: it comes out your child’s rear end while he is sleeping and lays eggs around there. Tiny, microscopic eggs. The eggs are attached by sticky stuff that itches, so your child scratches, getting the eggs under his fingernails. And guess where the eggs go then? You got it: back in the mouth. Unless, of course, your child goes and touches ANYTHING ELSE IN THE HOUSE, like toys, etc, and then those eggs don’t go back in his mouth, oh no. They wait until someone else in the house touches that thing and gets to have the eggs for himself, sharing the love.

I know, you’re thinking THIS IS DISGUSTING! And you’re absolutely right. Want some more good news? Pinworms are EXTREMELY COMMON, and there’s a good chance that your children have them too. People often don’t experience symptoms, and they’re very hard to test for. You basically need to see one, which is tough to do.

Standard treatment is to take some nasty chemical pesticide, and treat everyone in the whole family at the same time with said nasty chemical.  We’ve tried the pesticide, but didn’t want to give something so toxic to those we weren’t sure had it. So, we probably have had this infection for ???? long without knowing it.

The good news, is now we know it. I’ve confirmed pinworms on 4 of the 5 children. I must assume that the 5th child and both my husband and I have it as well so that we can be serious about treatment. But what kind of treatment can we do without poisoning everyone? I’m not about to give that stuff to my 12 month old!

Well, we were able to get some all natural anti-parasite supplements that are safe for everyone. We are also taking apple cider vinegar, garlic, and cloves as much as I have time and creativity to prepare. And, we’re gearing up for a family detox starting next week that will leave our intestines so squeaky clean that those guys won’t even want to be there.

And as far as getting rid of the eggs….that’s the tricky part. I’m doing a LOT of laundry (sheets & towels, as often as possible), a LOT of vacuuming, and a LOT of toy washing. Yep, washing Every.Little.Toy. Sound like fun? Ha.

At least our play room will be in order by the time we’re done!

And about unwanted guests: watch this!

You can even watch the whole movie on YouTube. Here’s the link. I think I might need to watch it tonight!

Have you ever experienced a parasite? At least fleas? I know I’m not alone. Share your disgusting story here!

When Your Child Is Unwell: Attitudes Toward Illness

As some of you may have read on FamilyNatural’s Facebook Page, my 6 year old son was recently hospitalized with pneumonia.  And, thankfully, he is doing much better.  There are just so many aspects of the situation that I’d like to share; I’ll just start with first things first.

A little background: In case you don’t know me personally and can’t tell from reading this blog, I don’t have any warm fuzzy feelings toward the practices of “modern” medicine.  I believe that our bodies are made to be healthy, and created to be able to heal themselves as long as they have no interference. In other words, if we get rid of the garbage in our bodies and treat them right, they know what to do and usually need no help. Furthermore, I believe that most medical intervention (in the form of drugs) are not only unnecessary, but extremely harmful to the body, and actually create many and more severe problems than the symptom they were taken to mask.

So, what happens when someone in our family is unwell? (Notice I didn’t say “gets sick”….I do not believe that sickness is something that one “catches” or “gets”, but rather that the body develops) First, I’ll tell you what doesn’t happen. What doesn’t happen is any worry or fear. My (and my husband’s) attitude is: your body knows what it needs to do and it is doing it for a reason, even if I don’t know what that need is or understand the reason. My body was created with an inner wisdom, an innate intelligence far greater than my own. I respect it immensely.

The body needs to use its energy to do whatever healing or repairing needed. I don’t want to take that needed energy away from that work and force the body to use it for other unnecessary things.  Did you know that one third of the body’s energy is used just for digestion? ONE THIRD!!! The best way to accelerate healing is through fasting. By fasting, I mean eating no food, but drinking plenty of water and resting. So, if possible, we fast.

Not into fasting? Or can’t imagine having a child do such a thing? That’s OK. You can still help the body to use its energy more efficiently by eating only RAW foods while healing. Fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. Water. Nothing else (food wise–I do give/have supplements such as echincea, vitamin C, etc.) until symptoms are gone. Raw foods include the enzymes necessary for digestion and therefore require much less work from your body. That’s a good thing when you want to conserve energy so that it can be used for more important things. I wrote a post on including more raw foods in our diets for healing; you can read it here.

What about fever reducers? Cough suppressants? Pain killers? Decongestants? Antibiotics?  It’s best to avoid them completely.  Not only are the chemicals toxic to the body even under normal conditions, but during healing time they would be even more disruptive, giving the body extra work to deal with.  Those symptoms serve a purpose, and the drugs usually hinder, not help the body to heal

I am thankful for my education in chiropractic; through my four years of school I gained a great deal of knowledge that has been extremely helpful toward raising my family through more natural means. Fortunately, we all have access now (mostly through the internet) to information that gives us the power to take responsibility for the health of our families.  Your medical doctor most certainly has knowledge that you don’t. But that doesn’t mean that he/she is wiser.

A resource I highly recommend for every family is the book How To Raise A Healthy Child In Spite Of Your Doctor, by Robert Mendelsohn, MD.  It’s written by a pediatrician, so he knows common medical practice and also has had plenty of experience. It comes in handy when you’d like a reminder of what to look for to decide if your child actually needs a doctor visit, or if you can handle it at home. Even with my health education, I have referred to this book many times over the years, and it truly does empower the parent to make educated decisions for the child’s health.  My second child experienced febrile convulsions twice, and thanks to the book, I was able to keep myself together (though they were indeed scary) with the knowledge that my child was not in any actual danger.

I’ll share more about my son’s hospital experience in some of the posts to come. I’m thankful that he got helped. And I’m also thankful that I have the knowledge and ability to help his body recover from the help that he got (yes, his body needs to be cleaned up from all the chemicals that were put into him), now that he’s home.

Mosquitoes Bite!

I grew up in Miami. I know mosquitoes.  Mosquito repellent was a way of life for me, just like sunscreen was.  No, not all day every day, but yes, most of the day most days during the summertime when going to day-camp or doing some kind of outdoor activity.  I remember holding my breath while being sprayed with Off! (aerosol-can, of course!) and thinking how very bad it smelled. But, being glad that it worked.

Do you know what the main ingredient in that and most other repellents are? It’s called DEET. (And, by the way, Off! smells good now. They did figure out how to put some good-smelling chemicals in there.)

(NaturalNews) “New research shows that the insect-repelling chemical deet actually functions in the same way as deadly nerve gases and dangerous pesticides, by attacking the nervous systems of both insects and mammals.” Read the rest of that article here where DEET is exposed as a neurotoxin.

WARNING!!! Do NOT use DEET for a Chigger repellant!  Studies at Duke University show DEET to cause brain cell death and behavioral changes with prolonged and continuous exposure. If the stuff toxic to bugs, do you think it could be toxic to humans and pets as well?  Human skin will absorb any kind of toxic and non toxic substance applied to it.  IN SECONDS!”  DEET is responsible for producing the following side effects to users even years later after being exposed. Severe memory loss, seizures, headaches, muscle and joint pain, shortness of breath, tremors, fatigue, weakness and even death. “Source

Just to be fair, if you’d like to read SC Johnson Statement On Recent Unfounded Concerns Over DEET, there it is. I’m still more comfortable finding an alternative.

So, no Deet. Then….What’s a person to do? You don’t want to end up like this poor guy:

There are some more natural insect repellents out there. You can buy them, or you can even make your own. Things with citronella, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and lavender all seem to work.  Don’t be afraid to experiment; if one doesn’t work for you, try another!

Here’s a video showing one way to make homemade mosquito repellent:

These are ways to avoid being bitten. But what do you do after the fact? There’s a great product on the market called After Bite. Do you know what’s in it? Ammonia. That’s it! If you have ammonia, you can dab some on with a cotton ball. Vinegar works too. Here are over 40 mosquito bite itch relief tips.

And what if it’s something a little more ferocious than a mosquito… a wasp or bee? My toddler got stung by one just the other day. I mixed a paste of baking soda and water, and it seemed to work alright. I know that meat tenderizer is excellent for that; I don’t know where to find it here but will try. Apparently it has something from papaya in it. So if you have papaya, you can just use that.

What insect repellent or sting remedies do you have to share? I’d love to hear them!

The Story of Cosmetics

Interesting video. I definitely have a lot of progress to make in this area.

This text will be replaced by the player

How about you?

Myths & Facts About Diapers

The folks at Pampers evidently feel the need to clear up some “confusion” regarding diapers. Specifically, regarding the debate between those backwards non progressing tree hugging natural crunchy cloth diaper users and normal modern people. They actually have this myths and facts page on their site.

Here’s one of the (humorous? Unbelievable?) highlights for me.

Myth: Disposable diapers are harmful to the environment.
Fact: All of the component materials in Pampers diapers are gentle to consumers and safe for the environment. Pampers diapers are made of materials that are also frequently used in a wide range of other consumer products.

The italics is mine. I did it to expose an incredibly flawed logic that I believe is extremely dangerous. (Not that my mommy brain is the queen of logic, mind you)

They are saying that you should accept the toxic stuff in their diapers as being safe for the environment (and also for you) because it’s “frequently used in a wide range of other…products.”

Um…hello? Many, MANY products are FILLED with toxic stuff. That’s the problem. It’s all around us. It’s…ubiquitous! (How’s that for an SAT word from this mommy’s brain!? If you want to rid your body of the toxins it’s accumulated, you must do a purposeful detox. More on that here and here.

SODIUM POLYACRYLATE is the chemical, added in powder form to the inner pad of a disposable, that makes it super-absorbent. When the powdered form becomes wet, it turns into a gel.

It can:
Can absorb up to 100X its weight in water.
Can stick to baby’s genitals, causing allergic reactions.
Reported to cause severe skin irritations, oozing blood from perineum and scrotal tissues, fever, vomiting and staph infections in babies.
When injected into rats it has caused hemorrhage, cardiovascular failure and death.
Banned from tampons in 1985 because of its link to Toxic Shock Syndrome.
Has killed children after ingesting as little as 5 grams of it.
Causes female organ problems, slows healing wounds, fatigue and weight loss to the employees in factories that manufacture it.

above info taken from an article on The Diaper Hyena; entire article here

According to the Clean Air Council, parents throw away 570 diapers PER SECOND! And one diaper takes 300 YEARS to break down.

Watch a 2 min news report on why a mother of triplets has chosen to switch to cloth diapers.

I wrote a 2 part post on cloth diapers and why I use them. You can read them here and here.