Meal Plan for the week of May 2, 2011

I’ve been sort of out of the planning mode lately, but that’s got to stop. Especially while gearing up for major life changes (like moving), I need all the brain space I can get, and I can’t afford to waste energy trying to figure out what’s for dinner each day. Plus, I need to make sure we use up the food in the house before we leave it and not let it go to waste.  In case you aren’t sure why you’d take time to plan your meals, you can read my enlightening explanation here.

Otherwise, on we go:

Monday- Pancake dinner with fresh peaches and bananas

Tuesday – Tuna Noodle Casserole (with various veggies thrown in)

Wednesday – Moroccan Chickpeas with Red Sauce, couscous, salad

Thursday – Mexican Casserole (in honor of Cinco de Mayo)

Friday – baked fish of some kind, steamed green beans, rice, challah, brownies for dessert

Saturday – quick and easy granola with fresh cashew milk  for breakfast, this new lentil soup recipe & salad for dinner

Sunday – some kind of hotdog casserole (I have a bunch to use up), salad. Hmm…just realized it’s Mother’s Day

Monday – (Israeli independence day) -BBQ burgers, fresh coleslaw, potato wedges

Check out other menu plans at Organizing Junkie Hope you have a fantastic week!

Detox Meal Plan: Week One

As you know, we’re planning to begin a 21 day detox program this Sunday, August 15. And here’s how you can join us.

I have gone back and forth between planning cooked dinners and sticking to raw.  I know that we will have more healing and repair take place in our bodies the less we tax it. There is a spectrum for how to eat and how it affects health (especially when healing). It goes as follows (best to worst)

  1. Fasting (with water, of course. And only for specified time.)
  2. Juicing
  3. Raw/live
  4. Mostly raw, some cooked, all whole (not processed), no animal products
  5. Mostly raw, some cooked, all whole, some (clean) animal products
  6. Mixed cooked & raw, mostly whole, some animal products.
  7. Mostly or all cooked, Processed (comes in a bag or box, with chemicals), lots of non organic meat & dairy.

I admit (sadly) that our family normally would fall under number 6. We almost always have (live) fruit & nut smoothies for breakfast, cooked dinners (usually whole & vegan, but not always), and lunches vary the most. That’s where we’ll make the biggest change during the 21 days: green juice, and other raw stuff.

As far as dinner, I made a meal plan for the week which includes live and cooked foods for dinner; anyone who is exhibiting symptoms will have more of or completely the live. And, for example, if I am serving soup and salad, it will be a BIG salad, and a cup of soup. Not the other way around.  I focused on good food combining for each meal.

Sunday: Salad and Middle Eastern Chickpea Soup (minus the parmesan cheese)

Monday: Salad and Fresh Bread (from freshly ground whole wheat flour) (here’s why fresh ground is impt.)

Tuesday: Salad and Cuban Black Beans and Rice

Wednesday: Quinoa Salad with Lime and Fresh Mint from GlutenFreeGoddess

Thursday: Leftovers? Don’t know. Maybe veggie sticks with raw nut butter.

Friday: Salad and fish, steamed veg, homemade Challah (fresh ground flour), and raw almond halvah balls.

Saturday: Raw Granola with Almond Milk. Dinner: see Thursday.

Sunday: Salad and Lentil and Potato Stew with Spiced Oil

So this is our tentative meal plan to go along with the detoxifying supplements that we will be taking. As I search for more raw things to make, I’ll add them in. I’m looking forward to using my dehydrator for making snacks, and I’ll post any new recipes I try. If you have any raw or good whole recipes to share, please do!

Menu Plan For The Rest Of JULY!

As I’ve mentioned, I struggle with menu planning. Even though I KNOW it works, it helps, it’s good to do, I just don’t like to do it, which is why it’s so helpful for me to post it because I know I’ll get it done then. As you may (or may not) have noticed, I haven’t been posting them the last few weeks. And, that means, I haven’t been making them. Which means, I sometimes have no idea what I’m going to make for dinner, even half an hour before said dinner -time. I have a goal of making menus one month at a time, and doing some amount of prepping ahead and freezing what I can. Right now, the most I’ve done is make a double batch of some things and freezing the extra, and making some mixes. These are helpful, but not what I have in mind for my freezer cooking goals. Today is Tuesday. I didn’t have my menu planned for the rest of the week yet yesterday (on Monday, my menu planning/posting day). But today I am going grocery shopping, so it had to be done. And then, I did the unthinkable…..I planned the menus for the rest of the month! Using this monthly menu planner from $5 dinners, I filled in the rest. I know it’s only 2 1/2 weeks, but for me it’s a lot. Unfortunately there’s not many things I can prep ahead, but I may be able to figure some out.

So, here’s what’s planned for the next 3 weeks:

M- Baked Potatoes, grilled onion&mushroom toppings, steamed green beans

T- Eggs & toast, OJ

W-Burgers (Father’s Day–we never had it)

Th- Rainbow Salad & (hopefully) Homemade Bread

F- Chicken Pot Pie, Broccoli, Challah, Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies&Almond Milk

S- Granola, Raw Granola, Almond Milk, Pasta Tuna Salad

S-Vegetable Stuffed Eggplant

M- Spinach & Chickpeas with pita

T- Homemade Pizza, Greek Salad

W- Pancake Supper

Th- Homemade Hummus, Couscous Tabouli, pita

F- Crock pot Sweet n Sour Cabbage&Beef soup

S- Couscous Salad

S- Taco Casserole

M- Eggs & Toast, OJ

T- L/O Cabbage Soup

W- Spaghetti, Salad

Th- Cabbage & Potatoes (pan fried)

F- Baked Fish, Macaroni & Cheese, Candied Carrots, Spinach