Are Baby Girls More Difficult?

My supposed baby girl ( I say “supposed” because it’s possible that the doctor made a mistake, and it’s not a girl I’m carrying) is being difficult. I have heard that boys are much easier, and girls are more complicated… I wonder if she’s starting already?

Last week I went for a checkup to find that the baby was lying in a somewhat transverse position.
This is a true transverse lie. The baby is going side-to-side instead of up and down. A baby in this position cannot be delivered vaginally. It would have to move into a better position, or be delivered surgically. I don’t think I have a true transverse baby; she seems to be more oblique.
This is an oblique position. The head is at least in the right “hemisphere” (down). This baby still needs to move before coming out, but it’s a lot closer.
This is an optimally positioned baby. This is what I want. Head down, in the middle, with the baby’s back facing outward.
There are things that I can do/have done to help my baby turn into the right position.

One is the Webster’s Breech Turning Technique, performed by a chiropractor. I had this done 2 times last week, and on the third visit, my legs were completely balanced, so he didn’t perform it.

I have been diligently trying to discern the baby’s position, but I really can’t tell. So, I’m going for an ultrasound in just a little while to see what she’s up to.

I’ll let you know!

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