Flylady’s Beginner’s Baby Steps-Works For Me Wednesday

I was brought up well. I was taught manners and grooming, responsibility and morals. I graduated as an honor student, went to college and got a Bachelor’s degree. And then I went to graduate school and got a Doctorate in Chiropractic. I studied hard, worked hard, learned a lot. I’m no brain surgeon, but I consider myself a fairly intelligent, hard working person.

So, when it came to cooking and cleaning my home, staying on top of things, I figured I could handle it.


I repeat. HA HA.

After a few years of floundering around, feeling like a failure because I couldn’t manage my home, I found

Flylady is an online coach/fairy godmother who lovingly nudges you with very specific instructions that are easy to follow. And if you follow them, you can have a peaceful home with everything in order. No more CHAOS (Can’t Have Anybody Over Syndrome).

Now, I’m not new to the Flylady system. I’ve been “using” it for a few years now. I put “using” in quotes, because although I’ve learned a ton and made many changes, there are a few things I just haven’t made habits yet. Things that really are preventing me from having the peace I want in my home.

A few of my friends on twitter have decided to begin again with Flylady. And I’m joining in. It begins with
the Beginner’s Babysteps.

Step 1 is to Go Shine Your Kitchen Sink
. If you want to know why, you’re better off checking out the source.

I’m glad that I can start again, at any point. Taking babysteps is something that I know Works For Me.

If you want to jump in and join us, let me know! Leave a comment!

I’ll be posting the daily baby step assignment as well as my progress. Stay tuned for pictures of my shiny sink!

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6 Replies to “Flylady’s Beginner’s Baby Steps-Works For Me Wednesday”

  1. I love love love Flylady! I think the most eye opening thing for me, was to realize that I am a perfectionist.

    My mom was a perfectionist that would stay up until 3:00 in the morning to get things done. I'm a perfectionist that won't start ANYTHING if I can't do it perfectly.

    Well, that was before flylady. I still don't do everything, but my house is a million times better than it was!

    "Go set your timer and get something done!" That is something I say to myself daily.

  2. Go Kim! I <3 Flylady too! Have been using the system for 3 years and my world has, literally, been turned upside down…or maybe I should say, finally turned rightside up?! 😀

    Just do what Flylady says, don't question it and FLY! xo

  3. Go you! This is such an important thing to revisit every now and then. Baby Steps are the foundation for Finally Loving Yourself. Marla is an amazing mentor and she loves us all sooooo much. She has been through what we have all been through and with her gentle love and her encouragement she has made me believe I am worthy of LOVING ME! I love you're doing this and I can't wait to read everyone's progress. xoxoxox

  4. I know; I'm really excited. I've been able to keep many of the habits, but have never developed some of the biggest, most important ones. I'm really hoping that the momentum of starting from the beginning w/the accountability will help me finally FLY!

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