I Can’t Catch Up. Day 14 of Babystep Challenge To A Peaceful Home

You Can’t Catch Up. It’s impossible.

This is a very important concept in life. Things keep moving, and it’s almost certain that you won’t keep up with everything. But what you do when you realize you’re “behind”, and more importantly how you feel about it will make all the difference in what you do next.

I’m struggling with these flylady babysteps. I’m falling back into the same habits I had before I began them again: I haven’t done the 15 minutes of decluttering every day. In fact, I haven’t done 15 minutes since I posted my success with it. That was days ago. Two minute hotspot, yes. Room rescue, yes, sort of(if you count me delegating it, but not if I do one myself). Daily mission, not so much.

I think my very favorite concept of Flylady’s is “You are not behind. Don’t try to catch up. Just jump in where you are.”

I’m never going to catch up. I really need to just do what I can today. It’s a new day, a fairly new week (we have Sunday as a work day here, so Monday is the second day for me). I’m going to ditch the guilt I feel and jump in where I am.

I’m also going to prioritize those things I seem to have a very difficult time getting done. I’m going to call my 15 minutes today my frog and eat it as soon as I can. I’d say “first”, but with other household things that must happen in the morning, it’s not possible. If you aren’t familiar with the “eat the frog” concept, enjoy this short (1 minute) video. I wanted to embed the player but it won’t let me. Very worthwhile.

I’m glad that today’s babystep is to read an essay about calendars and how/why to use them properly. I can handle doing that while still focusing on my frog.

What’s your frog today? What are you procrastinating on?

3 Replies to “I Can’t Catch Up. Day 14 of Babystep Challenge To A Peaceful Home”

  1. Guess what…I haven't done them either. I haven't done the inspirational page and I haven't done the 5 min something arather that was mentioned ages ago! (I totally loose the plot over the weekend, I did nothing! I cleared my emails to catch up today hehehehe)
    So you are doing great!! The fact that we are TRYING is the main thing. Flylady wouldn't want us beating ourselves up.
    Let's not get overwhelmed and throw up our hands (we are good at that). Just celebrate what you do do, and try again tomorrow! Just keep moving forward 😉
    Looks like you have given yourself a good pep talk. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I actually did a good job of getting it done early so that I couldn't put it off, and it worked!

    I love that frog thing.

  3. I recently returned from visiting my daughter and son-in-law in England for 3 weeks. I can definitely relate to the feeling of not being able to catch up. I love the "eat the frog concept"! Good place to start!

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