Making It Work For YOU

Today is Father’s Day in the US. (Happy Father’s Day!)

But we live in Israel. It’s not Father’s Day here. And although we continue to celebrate most of these American traditions, it’s something that we do within our family because we want to, certainly not because of any type of social pressure.

My husband has lots of extra work he wants to accomplish this week, and the idea of taking today off (remember, Sunday is a work day here) was adding stress. So, we decided to MOVE Father’s Day. We’ll celebrate it next Sunday, in one week. With a family fun day and burgers. Yum.

Moving our Father’s Day celebration a week works for us. And this Making It Work For YOU concept is a really good one.

Almost every good idea is just that: an idea. A concept. Whoever made it found that it helped him or her, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you exactly as it is; you might need to tweak it just a little. And that’s OK!

Figuring out how to take good ideas and make them work for you will make your life much more manageable. It will save your sanity.

So, the next time you hear an idea that sounds interesting or even great but you just don’t see how it so could work for you, don’t dismiss it easily. Give it a little more thought and you just might come up with a variation that works for your family. After all, there’s no one just like you!

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