Love, Love, LOVE Watermelon

Last year at this time, I was quite pregnant. Pregnant and hot. With no air conditioning as is common here, I got desperate. And in my desperation, I discovered my love for watermelon.

I’ve always liked watermelon, I mean, who doesn’t? If you actually know someone who doesn’t like watermelon, I want to know who it is.

When I was little we’d always have watermelon seed spitting contests to see who could spit the farthest. Funny thing, though, I can’t even find a watermelon with REAL seeds anymore. Only the seedless kind around here. Easier to eat, but no contests!

I thought that my watermelon craving was only due to my pregnancy. Apparently, I was wrong. Here it is, watermelon season again, and I JUST CAN’T STOP EATING WATERMELON!

My friend Diane posted this great idea: slice watermelon, cut out with cookie cutters, and freeze on a popsicle stick. I can’t wait to try it!

The good thing is that it’s good for me! Live, fresh fruit. I can’t go wrong. This article tells all about what’s so great nutritionally about it. And if you want to know why it’s actually a Pregnancy Superfood, check out my blog post on it from last year.

Good thing that it’s inexpensive. Unless you buy one of these square ones, sold in Japan, for $100.

Happy Summer!

3 Replies to “Love, Love, LOVE Watermelon”

  1. I've actually known several people who don't like watermelon. I am certainly not one of them! I wonder how they grow the square ones?!

  2. Those square watermelons are CRAZY! My dad used to say nothing tasted better than a stolen watermelon (farm boy!) LOL

  3. I find it so hard to believe that some people don't like it! Kind of like banana. I never new anybody who didn't like bananas.

    I want to know how they make those, too. I might just have to employ Google…

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