Our First Week: Adventures in Detoxing

Well, we’ve made it through our first week of our Family Natural Detox. And we’re all fine.  Hubby is doing a much more intense detox than the kids and I are and he’ll have to speak for himself-maybe he’ll write a post of his own–but the rest of us are well. Our 6 year old (the one who was recently in the hospital with pneumonia) was the only one who seems to have experienced detox-related symptoms. The first night, he started with a stuffy nose, the next day a cough, and by that second night he was up wheezing and all croupy. His cough was strong and continued like that for 2 days (steam really helped him), and then it began to let up. I know he has some weakness in his lungs, and I am hopeful that the detox is helping that work itself out.

Although I had planned to serve cooked dinners during the first week, I managed to avoid that and we have stayed raw until today. I know that we will get more out of the detox by doing that. However, the kids need more calories and fat; although I’m trying to give them lots of nuts, I can tell it’s not enough. So, I’ll begin the first week’s meal plan now. Of course, I’m still including plenty of raw and focusing on good food combining.

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  1. So, how does food combining work for Shabbat when you have to eat grape juice (carbs) and challah (carbs) and meat/fish (protein) all in one meal, (usually along with salad and desert too)? How long should one wait between food groups?

  2. Hi Beth- We actually do not usually follow good food combining rules for Shabbat dinner. (Except for this week). It’s our “celebration day” of the week and so we just do as we wish. However, if we were ill or trying to heal or detoxing like we are now, we’d be more careful. Last night, we actually had no Challah. It was very strange. I debated making a freshly ground one, and I will for next week, but this time I didn’t want to add all that grain plus gluten, etc…and I knew we’d be attempting to get it all eaten in one day to avoid leftovers. But you can make sure to have lots of vegetables, little meat, low or no grain/carbs in the meal if you are having challah. And of course, the challah should not be a main part of the meal, especially if it’s not whole wheat. As far as dessert, you can make healthy, low or no-sugar things like apple crisp. Last night, we had fruit “ice cream” from frozen bananas.

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